The Journey for PMP Banglore Training  by Kavita Sharma – Reviewer PMBOK6

I started doing PMP workshops in year 2012 after I passed the PMP exam in March 2012. I passed the PMP exam after attending the PMP workshop at Delhi within 21 days. I wanted to appear for the exam earlier but the application writing took a really good amount of time – approx 3-4 days to get the data collcted – putting the application in context and trying to fill the Project Management hours. It was tedious.

Anyways. The point is that I started the PMP workshop facillitation with Knowldgewoods. The association became better with time and PMBOK5 arived, Thats the time when I wrote the temparory books with KW and realised that I can write books.. Hmmm.

Knowldgewoods was one of the company where I developed the content for PMP eLearning and it was well received – atleast at that point of time :)

All the things comes to an end – and this association ended after I developed faculty pool fo them – helping the company to raise funds. It was Year 2014.

I has a choice to go back to service or to start something of my own. I chose that latter.

Started my own firm – someone said use your own name for the comany so started with

Launched workshops at Dubai and Delhi. That was Sept 2014.

But there was a problem – I had to decide if I want to use a book – PMP Study Guide from market or develop one. Oh yes BTW by that time I has PMP Practice test book released and the book was doing pretty good in the market.

So I decided to write the book – Took me 15 days ( Everyday one chapter ) One of my old collegue helped me reviwing the english in my book – That was so nice of him. Thanks for the support :)

So I had content but no book. The batch was supposed to start in a week. Opted to get the book printed directly rather than getting that published. So we got the book printed from one of the big printer from Okhla. The amount charged was huge. But I never knew – new to the business :) and print industry.

So we had a very successfull workshop in Delhi and Later at Dubai. Thats the time I said lets launch the workshop at Banglore as well – That was year 2016. Thats the time I foorgot that Things require marketing and conversation.

So I had 8 participants in PMP Banglore, lot of them from TCS and few other companies  – not bad – worked well – Good reviews and I like Banglore culture – Great people.

This is the workshop:

The PMP Banglore FIRST Training.


Now the thing was to continue at Banglore or not. Dropped the workshop for a while and focussed on my Book – This time BPB wanted to publish it so had lot of work done with them and had these  books out in the market in Dec 2016.

So lot of work happened on books. Meanwhile I had my daughter going through 12th Board Exam. Everyone advised me to support her (which she never needed..)

Anyway, We had a good workshop at Aloft Whitefield at Banglore for Feb 2017. Total 6 Participants (small group) and one of them is Shadow Trainer so yes – very small group. But we went ahead with the Banglore PMP class because It was scheduled and people have paid and planned for the days.

So far 2 out of 5 have passed the PMP exam from Feb 17 PMP Banglore Batch – Which is awsome. Congrats to Mukesh and Abhishek. You make me proud :)


So I plan to conduct PMP Banglore Classes Once in two Months at Whitefields. The upcoming PMP Training is Planned for 22-24 April 2017. Do Join in or refer.

The link for thr PMP Class at Banglore is:


PMP Bangalore

Do Join in or email for any query at I will be happy to respond..



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