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Is inspection as a tool part of QC (Quality Control) Or a QA (Quality Assurance) Process?
“Inspection is relevant in both Quality Assurance and Quality Control. I do understand that this is the most confusing aspect of quality management. However just keep in mind that inspection process happens in Quality Assurance (Also referred as Audit). The focus of QA processes audit so that PROACTIVELY the deliverables are defect free.  Quality assurance focuses on process inspection to PREVENT defects.
Quality control is part of Monitoring and Controlling process group. QC means that finished deliverables are tested before they can be sold/produced for sign-offs (to internal or external clients). (Check the ITTO of this process)
So in QC (or Control Quality) the inspection take place on completed deliverables. 

What does this imply? It implies that you need to refer to the question context and need to understand the scenario. If the scenario represents preventive checks i.e., process then its is QA if it is corrective checks (as part of inspection) then the process is QC.

I hope this clarifies the difference :)

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