What are Enterprize Environmental Factors?


Lets say that there is a government regulation that a female employee needs to be escorted back if she works in office beyond 7PM. Your project requires longer hours and your office have no transport facilities. Any pick up or drop expenses are billed to your project and may have adverse effect on cost baseline.
While selecting the team for your project, would you consider the government regulation?
I bet you would J
Lets consider another situation,
You have a team member and this guy is totally irresponsible, you have given him warnings but all in vein. Just recently, you gave him a task, which was very important to be delivered on time, but he took unplanned leaves and now you are really not happy with this person to be part of the team. What would you do?
Would you terminate his employment?
Would you ask his functional manager to talk to him or get him replaced?
The way you would respond would be guided by the organization culture and HR policy..
Both of these factors are examples of  Enterprize Environmental Factor.
Enterprize Environmental Factor needs you to work with them to achieve the desired objective. These act as rather a constraint in your project environment and sometimes limits you.
  • ·      Organization culture,
  • ·      Organization communication styles and
  • ·      Organization structure.         
  • ·      Government regulation
  • ·      Market conditions
  • ·      Infrastructure
  • ·      External political conditions

What are Organizational Process Assets


Let be start by describing you telecom players, There are Service providers, these are organization like Airtel, Vodafone – these entities provides services to the end client and generates the revenue.
Then there are Equipment manufacturers, these are entities that provide the machine/hardware to services providers, the tower, the wires etc. Ericsson,  Alcatel lucent, Nokia seimens network are good examples for this.
Software Vendors, these are software suppliers, Oracle, Microsoft are few of the major software players.
Now the hardware and software does not work automatically, there is a need for a Software Integrator (SI), which can customize software and connect the hardware so that everything works the way service provider wants.
Techmahindra, HCL would be good example for this.
When an organization boast to be the BEST SI (System Integrator) in telecom world, does it mean that the entire employee working in the organization knows telecom know how.

Not necessarily…
However, it means that the organization have executed many projects and have a good knowhow of what can go wrong and what is beneficial for project execution. It means that their PMO have good repository of artifacts that can aid the projects to be successful.
Organizational Process Assets helps you being more efficient.
Artifacts like:
  • ·      Lessons learned
  • ·      Completed schedules,
  • ·      Typical Risks 
  • ·      Earned value data.
  • ·      Historical Data

PMO is the custodian of Organizational Process Assets.

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