What is EMV, explained with an example

Expected Monetary Value (EMV) Expected monetary value (EMV) analysis is a mathematical concept that calculates the average outcome when the future includes scenarios with probabilities of possibilities. The EMV of opportunities will usually be expressed as positive values, while those of threats will be negative Let’s learn EMV using an example: You have the following […]

Passed PMP on 21st Day!! First attempt..

Passing PMP – My Story.. I’ve had colleagues, relatives and friends who have been so scared of taking PMP test for ages, I know a guy who is trying to be PMP for last 5 years, however, does not have the courage to sit for the exam till now.. Whats so scary about PMP exam? […]

Critical Path Method (CPM) Simplified..

Critical Path Sample Node

What is Critical Path Method? A lot of confusion in CPM. I’ve tried to simplify the calculation for CPM – let me know your feedback. A critical path is the longest path in the network.  Each node which falls under critical path has zero or negative float (Slack). Now how do we calculate critical path?? Sample […]

PMP Banglore at Whitefields

The Journey for PMP Banglore Training  by Kavita Sharma – Reviewer PMBOK6 I started doing PMP workshops in year 2012 after I passed the PMP exam in March 2012. I passed the PMP exam after attending the PMP workshop at Delhi within 21 days. I wanted to appear for the exam earlier but the application […]

PMP Abu Dhabi – Weekends

There has been a lot of people enquiring about the PMP training option with us. Especially the weekend batch so that people can prepare with their time and with the comfort of the session which is one week apart. So we’ve launched the option for Abu Dhabi for April. PMP training on Fridays starting April. […]

An Easy Guide to CAPM – Pass CAPM in 21 Days

Pass CAPM in 21 Days – Easy Study Guide A few years back when I took few batch on CAPM, I could not find any book for college students. There were only PMP books. Few books were labeled as CAPM/PMP preparation guide. However, CAPM student profile is way different from a PMP aspirant. CAPM questions […]

Easy Guide to PMP: Step 1 – Series Pass PMP in 21 Days

PMP Study Guide By Kavita Sharma

Easy Guide to PMP: Step 1 – Series Pass PMP in 21 Days If you dont know the concepts, you can spend any amount of time in practicing hundreds of questions, you still may not pass the PMP exam.. This is because PMP exam tests you on questions which test your knowledge on the subject […]

Practice Tests for PMP: Step 2 – Series Pass PMP in 21 Days

Pass PMP in 21 Days series - STEP2, Book - Practice Test for PMP

PMP Questions book to help you pass PMP exam: Practice Tests for PMP: Step 2 – Series Pass PMP in 21 Days Its very important to practice good PMP Questions to Pass the PMP exam. Are you looking for more PMP practice tests so that you can increase your chances to Pass PMP certification examination? This […]

All you PMP Questions Answered here: Once for all :)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Typical question in every PMP aspirants mind.. [/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text] Can I be a PMP? How to go about doing the certification? Am I eligible? What are the typical steps to be PMP certified? Where is PMP examination going to be held? Is PMP examination Online i.e. Can I attempt it from my home PC? Where […]

Renew PMP ? Earn 60 PDUs FREE – Ya – almost :)

Hey, You’ve earned the PMP certification and been happy in life so far.. but now you are almost completing 3 years and have to renew the PMP certification as per the PMI CCR requirement. Where to get the 60 PDUs. SO the next logical choice becomes going to the training provider, who gave you 35 […]

Failed in PMP exam?

The most logical question is WHY? One of the most common factors was: “I panicked because the date changed in PMP exam and rushed to book the appointment at Prometric centre.” “No, I did not have time, but I did few (less than 5) mock test and had a score of 55% on an average.” The […]

Pass PMP in a Month – How?

People are different so have different approaches to prepare for any exam. Today I’m sharing the plan which has worked for my workshop participant and me. You can modify and tweak this plan as per your choice. All the best for PMP Examination, You can do it!!!

FREE PMP Mock Tests for you

FREE PMP MOCK TEST   You wanted PMP mock tests. We launched a FULL PMP Test Prep kit. and  a spectacular LMS ( Learning management System) to help you learn effectively. There are games like hangman, crosswords and memory cards to help you learn effectively and recall the concepts by clicking and dragging. Recalling ITTO is made […]

Risk and Risk response questions in PMP and RMP

Here is another question posted by one of the participants: Hi, Kavita… one more query…regarding Risk Response Plan. If I find a risk of missing deadline…and to avoid that I work extra time or hire few temp contractors to complete the work within deadline. So is this case of AVOID risk or ACCEPT risk? I […]

Inspection – Part of Quality Assurance or Control Quality?

The question:   Is inspection as a tool part of QC (Quality Control) Or a QA (Quality Assurance) Process?   “Inspection is relevant in both Quality Assurance and Quality Control. I do understand that this is the most confusing aspect of quality management. However just keep in mind that inspection process happens in Quality Assurance (Also […]

Gear up, Pass PMP exam in 2015 – Here is the DAYWISE Course to pass within 21 days..

Udemy Pass PMP in 21 Days

I interact with many project managers, few of them pass the exam successfully after attending the workshop – which is great (Around 10% ). Rest of the people get soaked up in normal busy hectic life and let the goal move away, thinking next week which turns next month and then next year… My participants, […]

PMP Mathematics – Quick Book

Integration Management Cash-Flow Analysis Techniques Project Selection Criteria What is it Selection Mechanism Payback Period Period of time required to recoup the funds expended in an investment, or to reach the break-even point. Select Lowest Internal Rate of Return (IRR): Think bank Interest rate Internal portfolio rate at which the investment will produce results. Select […]