If you ask any PMP certified manager, what was your preparation method and what made you succeed the exam in first attempt – The most common answer, you would get is:

I did many questions!!

Apart from other things like how they ensured that each topic is covered, PMBOK is read and few more specific methods.

Let me take an example, I studied for RMP (Risk management professional) exam, Got the PDUs and started preparing for the test. Did read many books, however I was not able to get the confidence that I can pass. There are very few questions banks (practice tests) which are available for RMP. So I checked for whatever I could get my hands on..

After preparing thoroughly (80% reading from books and 20% questions) I finally was in parametric centre, taking the RMP exam.

The first question pops on the screen and I had no clue of the answer or the terms used in the question.

I flagged it..

Moved to next question and I had similar feeling.. Flagged again, hoping to see a familiar question, clicked next again.

After 10 questions – I got a sinking feeling that I took the exam too early..  I could prepared more, could have checked the equation patterns, bought that book, could have searched for more questions…


And that was a bad feeling!!!

However after taking a deep breath and controlling the state of mind, I started getting few simpler question. I took time and attempted them with calm mind. RMP examination is for 3.5 hours and total questions to be attempted is 170.

By the time I reached the last questions, I got clue to first few questions and I re – attempted that ( Latin Cubes) Never heard them but used common sense. btw if you are preparing for PMP examination – prepare question on Latin cube ( at least 10 questions can be scored in RMP on quantitative analysis – Latin cube method)

After reviewing all the questions I prayed to God and clicked on Submit..

I passed!!

But that was a close call, I could have failed – It was just a lucky day for me.

Don’t take that chance for any of your professional exams.


Thats the lesson I learnt that day and want to pass on to you guys..

Have fun and pass that PMP and RMP exams which you have been preparing for.. All the best!!

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