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I want to be PMP, Where do I start?

I was called for an interview and I was told to get PMP certified.
My company is asking for 10% of managers to be PMP certified by this year.
Leadership role requires everyone to be PMP certified so I need to get PMP certification.
Many situations arise and you wonder, is it time to start preparing for PMP?

Where to start, Where are all PMP resources

The question is - Where to start, Where are all PMP resources and get the best PMP knowledge so that I Pass PMP in my First attempt or I pass PMP within a month.
First thing first:
You need to check a website:
beacuse PMI is the one organization, based in USA which will award you with PMP certification. PMI holds the rights to PMP and few more certifications. we will talk about other certifications as well but in my next newsletter.
Now we know that PMI awards PMP certification. Great.
How do I start, well first of all check if you are eligible for PMP exam or not.

PMP eligibility criteria

PMP eligibility criteria can be checked here:
In a nutshell, PMP prerequisite is that you should have 16 Years of education and 3.5 years of role in which you are managing Projects. Understand that this is role which we are talking about and not designation.
So you could be an engineer but if you are doing projects then you are eligible. ( Understand that projects are not operations, however also understand that if you are in operation role you would have updated processes, or technology or implemented any change. A project is unique and has a start date and end date) so operations carry projects. so you need to think of instances where you created something unique and calculate if it is more than 3.5 years.
Hmm now, that's sorted. You would also need to undergo a formal PMP training which will award you with 35 PDU certificate. All these 3 things, Education, Project Management Experience and Project Management formal education is the pre-requisite to apply for PMP exam.

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