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Is PMP difficult to Pass?

I was in a PMP workshop (PMP Preparation). It was for an organisation and in-house.
Good, matured project managers from various streams including finance, operations and training domain were in the room.
This was Day 1. People were all tensed up, and you could sense the tension in the atmosphere.
I started with joke and a few activities before lunch and slowly people got relaxed.
The next day - again same environment, the folks went back and opened PMBOK and felt very nervous and hence the anxiety in environment.
Someone asked "Why should I sit for the examination - what are the advantages of being a PMP"? 
Is this a question for Day 2?? I wanted to ask, "You tell me why are you in this workshop - what made you decide to spend your money and be part of this session?"
But I guess that was just the anxiety speaking.
The same person on Day 4 (Last day) came back and said : "I went through PMBOK and I felt like I can read this book and understand the book.." (with a grin on his face).
That was the reward of spending 4 intensive days with the participants. 
I'm sure that within 30 days I will get many mails of thanks once this batch starts appearing for the examination. 
So the question - Is PMP a difficult exam to pass? 
Yes and No, Now I understand that this is not an answer :) but you need to understand what is expected from you for being a PMP.
Understand small things like:
  • Type of question
  • Pattern of questions
  • Important Topics
  • Knowledge area and process group importance 
Few tricks can also help in answering a typical PMP question, but above all - You would need to start with the basics.
If someone can put a simple picture together of the overall project management processes and the correct picture, then you are off to a great start. Thats what I would recommend - Start with the basics - get them clarified and then practice as much question as you can. And, within 3-6 weeks you will be proud to showcase your PMP Badge.
Happy Learning...

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