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I've written a few books on Project Management as I've been an Architect, Manager, Program Manager and SSP application with Satyam, Sapient, TechMahindra and later Microsoft.

I've been coaching on project Management since 2012 when I did my PMP certification in 21 days after attending PMP training. That's the time I realized that there is much scope for the improvement in this area.

So this effort.

I'm creating resources to help you acheive your goals, faster :)

Currently, I'm engaged with PMI as a reviewer for PMBOK 6 - Releasing soon and working towards better learning experience to start with schools and colleges. Wish me luck :). I am available for any questions/ideas at kavita.sh@gmail.com.

You can connect with me through facebook, Linkedin or Google Plus or RSS Feeds of the blog.

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