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Passed PMP on 21st Day!! First attempt..

Passing PMP - My Story..
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An Easy Study Guide for PMP EXAM Prep

The PMP Study guide has all that you need to pass the exam. If you already have attended a course and looking to refresh - This is the book you need to start your PMP preparation. An Easy Guide to PMP: Pass PMP in 21 Days Series - STEP 1 Why this book? The book simplifies the concepts and takes you to the higher level of studies in step by step method. I have compiled PMP style of questions at the end of the chapter called Module-end quizzes. The Book contains more than 800+ quizzes and detailed explanations. This will help you learn and assess your learnings in very structured and scientific manner. Go ahead and explore the book - I am sure you will like it. Do send me your comments/suggestions at, will look forward to them. Wish you all the best for PMP examination.
You can do it!An Easy Guide to PMP: Pass PMP in 21 Days Series - STEP 1

I want to be PMP, Where do I start?

I was called for an interview and I was told to get PMP certified.
My company is asking for 10% of managers to be PMP certified by this year.
Leadership role requires everyone to be PMP certified so I need to get PMP certification.
Many situations arise and you wonder, is it time to start preparing for PMP?
Where to start, Where are all PMP resources The question is - Where to start, Where are all PMP resources and get the best PMP knowledge so that I Pass PMP in my First attempt or I pass PMP within a month.
First thing first:
You need to check a website: Why?
beacuse PMI is the one organization, based in USA which will award you with PMP certification. PMI holds the rights to PMP and few more certifications. we will talk about other certifications as well but in my next newsletter.
Now we know that PMI awards PMP certification. Great.
How do I start, well first of all check if you are eligible for PMP exam or not.
PMP eligibility criteria PMP eligibility criteria can…

Is PMP difficult to Pass?

I was in a PMP workshop (PMP Preparation). It was for an organisation and in-house. Good, matured project managers from various streams including finance, operations and training domain were in the room. This was Day 1. People were all tensed up, and you could sense the tension in the atmosphere. I started with joke and a few activities before lunch and slowly people got relaxed. The next day - again same environment, the folks went back and opened PMBOK and felt very nervous and hence the anxiety in environment. Someone asked "Why should I sit for the examination - what are the advantages of being a PMP"?  Is this a question for Day 2?? I wanted to ask, "You tell me why are you in this workshop - what made you decide to spend your money and be part of this session?" But I guess that was just the anxiety speaking. The same person on Day 4 (Last day) came back and said : "I went through PMBOK and I felt like I can read this book and understand the book.." …

Risk and Risk response questions in PMP and RMP

Here is another question posted by one of the participant:

Hi Kavita... one more query...regarding Risk Response Plan. If I find a risk of missing deadline...and to avoid that I work extra time or hire few temp contractors to complete the work within deadline. So is this case of AVOID risk or ACCEPT risk? I did avoided the risk by adding more time/resources. However I also accepted that risk will occur and hence hired more people. From what I understand is ACCEPT is you don't take any action and wait for the risk to happen and use contingency plan. So in that case I accepted risk and my contingency plan was to hire more people. But at the same time AVOID risk says, take action and eliminate risk. So I eliminated risk by hiring people. just too much confusion :)
So what is the answer to above question?This is what I posted back..
A risk has some probability and some impact - I'm sure you know that.. Now lets understand the risk responses in detail: Accept - Do Nothing Avoid - Sele…

Inspection - Part of Quality Assurance or Control Quality?

One of my student posted this question today on Udemy "Pass PMP in 21 Days"And It made me think that quality, out of all the knowledge area is the one, in which we think, we know but end up with wrong answers.
For instance  - This question:
Is inspection as a tool part of QC (Quality Control) Or a QA (Quality Assurance) Process?
Here is the answer which I posted - 
"Inspection is relevant in both Quality Assurance and Quality Control. I do understand that this is the most confusing aspect of quality management. However just keep in mind that inspection process happens in Quality Assurance (Also referred as Audit) and understand since this is part of executing process group, the deliverables are under progress (Direct and Manage project work). So Quality assurance focuses on process inspection in order to PREVENT defects.
Quality control is part of monitoring and Controlling process group. This is assumed that deliverables by the execution team is finished and now those deliv…

Gear up, Pass PMP exam in 2015 - Here is the DAYWISE Course to pass within 21 days..

I interact with many project managers, few of them pass the exam successfully after attending the workshop - which is great (Around 10% ). Rest of the people get soaked up in normal busy hectic life and let the goal move away, thinking next week which turns next month and then next year... My participants, on the other hand fetches better % of PMP appearance (40 - 50%) and they PASS. WHY? 2 reasons 1. People are tuned in - what does it mean, if you are part of a group and one person broadcast that he passed - you get confident that if he can pass, I can too. 2. The concepts and plan to pass within 21 days works!!  Its simple - if you prepare using a question driven methodology - your chances to pass significantly improves. Why? because you know your weak areas by doing similar questions and have worked on getting the concepts right using available channels (discussions, posting questions, reading etc). The help is available.. In fact I tell my participants that you are ready for PMP exa…